Vegan Soap Brands

What Brands Of Vegan Soap To Choose?

I’d like to start with the most popular (or I could say ‘reliable’) vegan soap brands because there are people who comes here to find which is the best soap to buy. Actually, if you are not a vegan but vegetarian, you can also use vegan soaps. Here I want to share with you the best choices for vegans.

The Vegan Soap List

Kiss My Face vegan bath soap

Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face – large and long-lasting vegan soap bar; it has several formulas to nourish your skin, but some say it has salt, which irritates the skin and eyes. Well, some vegan soaps may irritate the skin; because of their formula (it is difficult to remove all lye in natural saponified soap). But many people like this soap.

Neolia vegan body soap


Neolia – made from extra virgin olive oil, and has a good smell. By the way, a friend told me that Neolia was the only soap that did not add to her eczema in the last several years; but this was not true with Neolia shower gel in her case. There is another thing about this soap: it still has some chemical ingredients, so it’s not fully natural.

LUSH – a well known brand with large arsenal of vegan bath soaps and shampoos, bath products, shower gels, etc. The soaps are claimed to be handmade using fresh fruits and veggies that were grown organically. The scents are good too: ginger, sea wood, porridge, etc. When you shop at LUSH, there is a clear indication which product is vegan, so you won’t get lost.

Clearly Natural vegan soap brand

Clearly Natural

Clearly Natural produces glycerine soap with vegetable ingredients. There are scented and unscented soaps. The product lasts just as long as a regular soap or maybe a bit longer. The good thing is that it remains dry and slush free, so your soap dish will remain clean (which is nice!). It has a good lather, and is fine for shaving too. The skin is soft and smooth (never dry!) after using it. It’s a great choice for both men and women.

Tom’s of Maine – not tested on animals, and causes no skin problems, so it is good for sensitive skin (there is a sensitive version of it). Their products moisturize your skin nicely, and produce enough lather. The sensitive bar cleanser doesn’t cause rosacea, or skin itches, or any other adverse skin reaction. It doesn’t contain citric acid, as well as there are no dyes and fragrances.

The Body Shop vegan soap

The Body Shop

The Body Shop – the brand has lots of various soaps such as coconut, grapefruit, strawberry, mango, sweet lemon, Shea butter, Satsuma, etc. It makes your skin soft and moisturized (have seen no dry skin after using it so far – actually one of my friend told me that he had a dry skin, but he was not sure whether it was because of the soap or not). The scent is mild and not irritating; the cleaning properties are very good, but might look smaller in size than expected. Nevertheless, it has a nice lather, a very gentle and creamy soap.

There are more good brands out there including the liquid vegan soaps, so you won’t have any difficulty to find a nice vegan body soap. Just make sure you get as natural soap as possible, since ‘vegan’ not always means a natural soap; it just means that there are no ingredients of animal origin inside. But a natural soap has much more benefits in store for your skin.

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